The basic: Fitness programming

  • A 45 minute video consultation call where we clearly set out your goals, and discuss any barriers and challenges you are facing! Please book the call before purchasing the package so I can already make a start to designing your personalized program! You will also receive nutrition guidance to ensure you stay on track!

  • You will receive an individualized training program tailored and adjusted based on your lifestyle, time restrictions, equipment available, injuries etc. to suit your goals

  • Bi-weekly video call check-ins for accountability and progress tracking

  • Access to daily messaging! You can ask me questions whenever!

  • Video homework and feedback provided. This is to ensure proper form!

  • Access to your personalized program through an app on your phone with video demonstrations for each exercise.


  • This is a PROGRAM ONLY package. This s for those who have experience training, do not require check-ins or coaching calls, but just need a program to follow to remove the decision fatigue on what exercise they should do today. We will have a 30-45 minute video consultation call at the beginning of the month where we discuss your goals, your current schedule and lifestyle and how I can prepare a program to suit your needs. A 4 week program will then be delivered to you via and app.


In addition to the personalized fitness program from the basic package, here we will dive in depth regarding your nutrition!

Nutrition coaching requires you to track your food for 3 full days after our initial consultation (1 hour). In the consultation we will discuss both your fitness goals and eating habits and whether you are an optimal candidate for this package. We will discuss any underlying health issues such as high blood sugar level, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high uric acid etc. Once I receive your dietary 3 day report, I will thoroughly analyze your current dietary behavior and nutrition breakdown. We will then have another follow up call to discuss your current diet and set weekly goals to improve your health markers and physique. We will have weekly check-in calls to ensure you remain accountable. I may ask for you to continue to track your food in-app.

*It is important that you disclose any prior disordered eating behavior or if you currently have a bad relationship with food so that we can work on it together!

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